Digital Signage in Education is an essential tool for the next generation of smart schools. Saving time, money and gaining real viewership compared to their paper counterparts.

The aim of this post is to provide insight, and spark some interest into how Digital Signage could be used within the Education Sector. Showcase ways in which we’ve implemented Digital Signage solutions for some awesome establishments, and how you could too!

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Keep students and visitors informed with Digital Notice Boards. Schedule updates to remotely communicate campus news across the facility, or allow reception staff to update daily welcome messaging. Live data feeds such as RSS, Twitter and Weather can be included to make a clear points of interest and invite interactivity and community.
Engage with the Digital Generation.


Update campus wide Digital Menu Boards at the click of a button. A complete reprint due to a small ‘typo’ is no longer required, saving time, money and boosting sales by as much as 50%!

For complex menus that need to display a large quantity of options such as nutritional information, interactive menu boards are a clear winner.

A more conclusive list of Digital Menu Board solutions can be found here.


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Create an unmissable centerpiece and demand students attention with a Video Wall or Indoor LED. Harness video walls as presentation tools by simply plugging in your device to the external media player* and mirror whatever’s on your device to the display.

*Media player with device input required.


Presenting in a classroom or meeting environment can be stressful for numerous reasons. The last thing you need is struggling to get the presentation on to the main display. Barco ClickShare makes presenting and collaborating as easy as it gets. Share what’s on your device with just one click! Simply plug in the dongle and press the button. Your content is now streamed wirelessly from your device to the presentation display.

Collaboration has also been made simple with Barco. Students can share content directly from their devices such as iPads, mobiles or laptops using additional dongles or via Apples’ built-in AirPlay functionality.


Interactive whiteboards have become an essential tool for teaching 21st century student. Providing a source for digital content and collaboration that todays technology driven students relate and pay attention too. Both CleverTouch and Samsung both offer premium interactive whiteboard solutions in a range of capability and sizes.

Gone are the days of having to draw the curtains so that its dark enough to get an idea of what’s being displayed on the projector, these displays offer bright, full HD or 4K variants. CleverTouch whiteboards allow documents, presentations and edits can be quickly shared via the whiteboards own email address to deliver to students.


Help Staff, Students and Visitors get to where they need to be with Digital Wayfinding Signage. Interactive (touch) or static (non-touch) layouts can both be highly effective in displaying location and directory information, creating an engaging and informative experience for the user.

Bespoke enclosures can be used with certain panels to adjust to environment aesthetics.


Incorporate live TV or a network-based video feed into your Digital Signage. With video content being 600% more effective than print and the medium of choice for younger generations, you can be sure your Digital Signage will be noticed if live or IPTV is included. Intel found that Animated content receives 5 times more viewers than static content.


Digital Meeting Room Systems remove the pain of finding all rooms being booked when you need it most!
Simply book your time slot through the built-in online calendar or a connected Office 356 account, Exchange, Opera and Delphi and your good to go. Alternatively, if you haven’t yet booked, you can clearly see from a distance which rooms are booked and how long for. The perfect tool to combat Room-sharking!

Hopefully this post has provided an insight into how educational facilities can be transformed with Digital Signage technology. Any questions, drop us a line.


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Digital Signage for Education

Digital Signage for Education

Digital Signage Today have recently published this beautiful new infographic showcasing some interesting data that suggests that Digital Signage’s reach on campus is growing. It also shows some of the impact it can have for schools and students.

Global spending on IT in education is expected to double over the next three years and at the same time, digital signage on campuses is expected to grow 22% worldwide.

At Eclipse Digital we already work with several schools across the UK and if you would like to see how Digital Signage can be effectively integrated into your educational facility please feel free to contact us for a free demonstration or browse these useful links to understand Digital Signage further:

What is Digital Signage?
What are the benefits of Digital Signage?
Digital Menu Boards

Infographic courtesy of
Eclipse Digital Media Approved ONELAN Reseller Digital Signage: Big Screen on Campus [Infographic]

Eclipse Digital’s Trip To Newcastle

On Friday 20th April, Colin Thody & I (Drew Harding) of Eclipse Digital Media travelled to Newcastle for a client meeting with Northumbria University. The meeting was to discuss the potential implementation of a campus wide Digital Signage Solution. As the meeting progressed, our return train time drew ever closer and eventually passed, leaving Colin & I with two options: Option A) Paying through the nose to spend over 5 hours on Trains to get back home after midnight or Option B) spend the night in Newcastle and travel back by hire car the next day. As it turns out option B was definitely the right choice.

Once we had decided to spend the night in Newcastle Colin & I contacted the meeting attendees at Northumbria University to explain our situation and asked if there was anything worth doing for the evening. Much to our delight he said yes ‘The Newcastle Eagles are playing tonight in the BBL, I can sort you some tickets if you’d like’ to which we kindly accepted, but we got a bit more than we bargained for. Not only did he sort out some tickets for us but he also upgraded us to VIP and put a few quid behind the bar for us to enjoy some drinks. At this point we were over the moon to have such amazing hospitality and we went on to sit down and enjoy the game, eventually finishing with Newcastle Eagles loosing to Cheshire Jets. Once the match had finished the team was lining up on court to have their pictures taken with their championship winning trophies. We spotted Paul Blake, owner of Newcastle Eagles, who we’d met earlier during the University tour and asked for a quick photo with him, the trophies and the team, to which he kindly obliged also asking debutant Ellory Browne to join us.

We were so impressed with the hospitality provided by Northumbria University and Newcastle Eagles that we wanted we’d share our experience with you too. This also goes to show that by spending a little extra time with people you can start to build very strong relationships. You can expect an update on our site in the coming months showcasing the work we will be carrying out for them.

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