The meeting room is an area of high importance. It’s the point of first impressions, the place of making or breaking of deals, and a garden of productivity.

The aim of this post is to showcase just some of the AV opportunities available to make your meeting room as productive and impressionable as possible. Here are some of our key ingredients…

Eclipse Digital Media Digital Signage Hotel Room Booking Solution

The Room-Sharking Repellant.

I’m sure most people can relate to the annoyance of either having no meeting rooms available or having someone linger outside and barge into your room mid-presentation. Room Booking software and meeting room displays combat this.

Room booking screens combat room-sharking allowing clear identification of free space from a distance. Green its free, red its booked. Certain Room Booking displays also offer external status LED’s that you can’t miss. The Reserva solution also offers on-the-fly booking via touchscreen.

Intelligent Room booking software allows two-way communication between not only the built-in online calendar, but can integrate with existing Office 365, Exchange, Scientia and Micros Opera accounts.

A Reserva summary display showing all up and coming meetings is a great addition for any reception or communal area.

Eclipse Digital Media Digital Signage Hotel Room Booking Solution 2

The Hybrid Display

Digital Signage and Presentation Display… at the same time. Your brand ethos can be reenforced through digital signage internal communications. Push the latest company news and achievements to staff and visitors.

Eclipse Digital Media Digital Signage Meeting room solution 4

Plug your laptop or tablet via HDMI to present to present on the big screen. This set-up allows for the presentation to be contained in a chosen zone allowing for important additional content to be displayed at all times. Creating a live, interactive experience. Live TV or IPTV broadcasts can be implemented into your signage to create powerful, up-to-date information.

Eclipse Digital Media Digital Signage Hotel Meeting room solution

The Future of Whiteboards

Start with a blank canvas or draw, highlight and edit over presentations on the fly. Providing the ability to visually display and explore new ideas. Both CleverTouch and Samsung both offer premium interactive whiteboard solutions in a range of capability and sizes. 

Gone are the days of Easels and Flipcharts, were photos would need to be taken to distrubute the contents to participants. CleverTouch whiteboards allow documents, presentations and edits can be quickly shared via the whiteboards own email address.

Eclipse Digital Media Digital Signage Hotel Meeting room solution 2

Simple just got more simple.

9 in 10 office workers experience technology-related stress in meetings. Embarking on the task to decipher how to connect your laptop to the main presentation display can be somewhat frustraiting without the right hardware or adaptors. This is why we’ve found Barco ClickShare, it just works. With the majority of devices supporting traditional USB 2.0, just plug in, click, and present. No software required.

For those without a USB port, a ClickShare app is avaliable to wirelessly stream from your device to the display. Certain ClickShare devices also support Apple’s AirPlay and Google Cast making streaming from MacOS, iOS and Chrome OS devices easier than ever.

Eclipse Digital Media Meeting Room Solution Barco Clickshare

If You’re Feeling Extravagant…

An Indoor LED or videowall is the way to go. Give your meeting room the power to ‘wow’ and leave your stakeholders or potential clients impressed. LED walls and Videowalls create an attention-grabbing centerpiece, ideal for displaying live data, statistics and social feeds. 

Eclipse Digital Media Digital Signage Hotel Meeting room solution 3

Hopefully this post has provided some ideas and inspiration on some of the latest meeting room equiptment and how you could transform yours.


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