Eclipse Digital Media were challenged by Theravada and Krispy Kreme to deliver a unique, one of a kind, doughnut shaped digital LED screen for their Bluewater store upgrade in 2022.

Undertaking this challenge was genuinely exciting and pushed us to think of various creative ways we could deliver such a solution. Calling upon our years of industry expertise and collaborating with key contacts in the LED field we were able to design, develop, supply and install this near 3m donut-shaped digital LED screen for Theravada and Krispy Kreme.

Not without it’s challenges, the Eclipse Digital Media team have worked painstakingly to ensure this custom LED was supplied, installed and maintained with great satifisfaction to the customer.

Mike Tinnion, Head of Creative at Krispy Kreme called this “another digital masterpeice” and we really do agree! It looks sensational but what REALLY makes this so special is the amazing content Krispy Kreme have designed for it… we could watch that all day!

Interested in using LED in your next project? We can offer a range of creative, curved, indoor, outdoor and transparent LED solutions for various industries. Get in touch with one of our experts today to discuss how we can help you on your next project.

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