Digital Signage in the Food Sector is quickly becoming, if not already the norm. With the ability to quickly update products, pricing and information with just a few clicks.

The aim of this post is to provide insight, and spark some interest into how Digital Signage could be used within the Food & Drink Sector. Showcase ways in which we have implemented Digital Signage solutions for some awesome establishments and how you could too. We’ll even provide a free basic Digital Menu Board Layout to get you started.

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Comes in all shapes and sizes. Commonly, larger displays are used in both landscape and portrait for behind the counter, smaller displays are designed for current offers and impulse buys for placement in front of the till. Interactive solutions are needed to drive higher customer engagement and display larger, specific information such as allergy requirements.

A more conclusive list of Digital Menu Board solutions can be found here.


With the internet of things becoming a reality. One thing that makes perfect sense is to be able to update your offers, menu boards and pricing information from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, with a few clicks or even automatically. With increasing numbers of software solutions on the market it can be a hard to find whats suitable.
Having worked with many software/hardware solutions, two that we can recommend are ONELAN and embed signage.
We hold certified reseller status for both.


Most commonly hung from the celing or wall mounted in sets of 3 or more. Using displays such as the Samsung Smart Signage Platform, there is no need for an additional media player, resulting in a quick and easy install with only power and either ethernet or WiFi connectivity. Not to forget the overall aesthetic advantages.


Less is most certainly more when it comes to digital menu boards. Make each item as legible as possible taking into account the number of items on the board, screen size, font size and viewing distance.
Great food photography can transform your signage substantially although can be a costly investment. Stock imagery sites such as the ‘Picture Pantry‘ and ‘Shutterstock‘ can offer high quality images at an affordable price.

Creating the content yourself? Some great content tips can be found here.
Speak to us about our content services if you need some professional assistance.

A free Digital Menu Board layout to get you up and running can be found at the bottom of this post.


Easy to edit Photoshop file includes both landscape and portrait versions. Font also included.

eclipse digital media digital menu boards free template


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