Nearly 3 months in, still alive. What a great experience it has been so far. I have learnt a great deal since starting work at Eclipse and have gained practical experience in numerous Marketing and Business related disciplines.

To name a few:

  • Digital Marketing in general
  • Social Media Marketing – Building brand awareness through customer interaction and providing suitable content to the unique platform
  • Inbound Marketing – To gain and keep consumers coming back for more, amazing content is the key.
  • SEO – I have learnt numerous ways in which to boost rankings in search engines. It is quite an art to maximise your presence.
  • Content Creation – Enhancing my knowledge of the Adobe suite including After effects, Illustrator and Photoshop work
  • WordPress development – Creating new pages, posts and content, implementing new plug-ins and leaning Short code/HTML/CSS
  • E-mail Marketing – Maximising click through and opening rates with the use of A/B testing, segmenting and content variations
  • Analytics – Recognising areas of improvement and testing new ways to improve them
  • Tea and Coffee making – Arguably the most important according to my colleagues
  • And lots, lots more.

An example of some of my Illustrator work for embed signage’s ‘Why Digital Signage‘ Blog Post.

embed signage cloud based digital signage software why digital signage infographic medium

I will be writing regular updates on our blog throughout my work placement which will be posted on our social media pages for our followers to read. Don’t want to miss out? Follow us on Twitter @EclipseDigiUK

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