Portsmouth International Port & Portico

Portsmouth International Port & Portico

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Portsmouth has a rich maritime heritage and has been known for its naval links and ocean going trade for centuries, with Portsmouth International Port being in operation since 1976.

Owned and operated by Portsmouth City Council, the port initially offered a single route to France. It is now known as Britain’s Best Connected Port with more destinations than any other port in the UK, and an estimated annual footfall of two million passengers and over 250,000 units of freight.

Eclipse Digital Media came through a comprehensive tender process, in which they were selected to undertake the entire project, beating off competition from a nationwide selection of other AV specialists.


“The purpose of updating our digital signage was to enable more efficiency and be able to share more effective information to our passengers, beyond our standard arrival and departure schedules.”

– Joe Jordan, Duty port operations manager, Portsmouth International Port

“Eclipse Digital Media were a dream to work with and adhered to our strict arrival & departure schedules to ensure there were no disruptions to our services.”

Joe Jordan, Duty port operations manager, Portsmouth International Port.

Video Walls

A video wall consisting of 9 x 55″ video wall screens is the main attraction as you walk through the terminal doors. Video wall screens were also used for 5×1 and 3×1 configurations above the check in desks and kiosks. The content on the video walls is published from multi output and single media players using embed signage software, with the main video wall usually displaying live IPTV for passenger entertainment.

Tablet & Departure Desk

Security personnel are able to change content on the three separate departure screens from the tablet on their counter. They are able to change times, destinations, images and entire layouts on any one of the screens by simply selecting them on the tablet.

Outdoor Displays

IP65 rated outdoor displays have also been installed ensuring passengers have access to vital information at all times. A portrait display is located on the entrance to the terminal displaying travel and safety information whereas another outdoor screen, on the veranda, also shows live TV.

Internal Screens

7 additional displays are installed around the terminal, with 3 upstairs in the cafe and waiting area. A freestanding totem is located downstairs in the main terminal along with the other 3 screens, all displaying information published from embed signage.


Every screen around the terminal, including the outdoor displays and the video wall, are able to show Freeview DVB-T channels as part of the digital signage. Eclipse scoped, supplied and installed an Encoded Media IPTV Server and receivers to accomplish this.


embed signage was selected to deliver the content to the displays. With the port requiring different hardware options in a variety of configurations, embed’s ability to publish content to a variety of operating systems is just what was needed.

Multiple media types and features are used throughout the site, including images, videos, live data feeds, live TV and device interactions. This allows the screens to communicate, inform, entertain or educate the passengers all around the site.

Portico is a deep water cargo terminal, located within Portsmouth International Port, which handles sea freight from ship to shore. The site also has temperature controlled warehousing with capacity of around 11,000 pallets with each warehouse having their temperatures range from 1℃ to 20℃

Eclipse Digital Media have installed a 4.8mm pixel pitch, outdoor LED screen to inform the cargo vehicles entering the terminal. The content, whether that be general information, directions or live TV, is all controlled through embed signage.

The LED panels were mounted using a bespoke mounting solution, designed and put together by Eclipse. All power and data cables are run back to the security hut behind, so everything is controlled by security personnel.

Internally, 12 Samsung Smart Signage displays have been installed used mainly for employee communications. Using embed signage, the employee communications can also be shown alongside live TV and general information such as time, date, weather and RSS feeds.

Similar to Portsmouth International Port, an Encoded Media IPTV server and receivers were supplied and installed to deliver freeview TV across the Portico network. The main reason behind this extra was the desire to show the 2020 European Football Championships.




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Video Walls


Classroom AV upgrades

Digital Signage Setups


CAE is a global leader in modelling, simulation and training for civil aviation and defence. The company employs approximately 8,000 people in roughly 30 countries. CAE offers military, civil aviation and helicopter training services and trains approximately 100,000 crew members annually. In addition, the CAE Oxford Aviation Academy offers training to pilot cadets in 11 flight schools. The company applies operational and simulation experience to help their customers enhance safety, improve efficiency and solve many challenges they face. CAE’s business is very diverse, ranging from selling simulation products to providing end-to-end services such as training and aviation, integrated enterprise solutions, in-service support and crew sourcing.


CAE’s variety of locations were seeking a digital signage and AV supplier to provide various solutions to suit their needs.

For Digital Signage they required a solution that was easy to use, include the ability to schedule a variety of content including Live TV and show localised content per screen updated via various users.

For AV the various locations needed large scale monitors, touch monitors and speaker equipment to transform their pilot training classrooms.



Eclipse Digital Media installed various ONELAN media players some with integrated TV cards to deliver the digital signage content to the various screens and locations within CAE.

At Burgess Hill Eclipse Digital installed a 2 x 2 Video Wall solution, comprising of 4 x 46″ Samsung slim bezel LFDs and a ONELAN digital signage 6005-P Publisher for the waiting area of the flight training centre.

Throughout Brugess Hill and Crawley offices, Eclipse Digital have installed a variety of AV equipment including 75″ and 79″ monitors, Iiayama touch screens and presentation speaker systems to upgrade their pilor training rooms.

Multiple Locations

As CAE wanted to display the same information on both the Reception and Lounge screens initially, Eclipse Digital Media used Cat-5 Extenders to distribute the output signal from the publisher to the AV displays in both locations.

Content Package

The content package compromises of an animated cloud background, live freeview TV feed, flight simulator status updates, live local weather, news and travel information plus world clocks for other key CAE locations.

The digital signage layout package includes zones that can be edited by the simulator engineer and receptionist, so they can update the relevant content instantly without having access to other areas of the digital signage system and layout. The layout and content package includes live traffic data displayed on Google Maps, live weather, time and date data as well as a central zone to display live TV.


The timeline for the project was tight so CAE challenged Eclipse Digital to provide a full end to end solution meeting all of their requirements within 8 days of initial meeting.
This project was completed within 5 working days from initial meeting through to installation. All design, development and installation for this project was carried out by Eclipse Digital Media.

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“I would like to thank the team at Eclipse Digital Media for the smooth installation of our digital signage system. The installation went so well we have decided to use their services again for an additional installation at our Manchester office. I look forward to working with Eclipse Digital Media again.”

Martin Green, IT Manager
CAE London Gatwick Training Centre


+ Eye-Catching Communication Tool
+ Easy to Use System
+ Live Data Feed
+ Improved classroom training facilities



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