Eclipse Digital Media are now able to offer Advanced Monitoring and Maintenance (AMM) for ONELAN digital signage media player networks.

Both new and existing ONELAN digital signage users can take up this annual service where each media player reports directly to Eclipse Digital Media over 20 times per day. These reports allow Eclipse to monitor a variety of hardware, software, publishing and subscribing operations to ensure the ONELAN digital signage network is performing and operating as expected.

Eclipse Digital Media Buy Now ONELAN Digital Signage Advanced Monitoring & Maintenance Service

As a ONELAN digital signage user, when you sign up for this annual service, Eclipse are able to pro-actively notify you if any problems arise. They can also remotely carry out most maintenance tasks (external static IP address required) and provide you with various reports, when required.

What you can expect from this service:

  • Reduced onsite maintenance (external static IP address required)
  • Monitoring of live status’ for NTBs and notification of any errors
  • Notification of NTB alarm conditions such as: low system disk space, low data space, overheating, schedules not running, channel management errors, content activation and more
  • Be sure your NTB software is kept up to date
  • Monitoring of channel publishing and subscriber operations
  • Receive summary reports based on media playback and alarm states, when required
  • Allow Eclipse to remotely access and maintain your NTB (external static IP address required)

Interested in the Advanced Monitoring and Maintenance (AMM) service for your ONELAN digital signage network? Contact us for more information or buy your annual AMM service now.

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