It’s a new year and with that normally comes a fresh wave of changes – join the gym, eat healthier, carry out a random act of kindness every day, improve those processes at work that have been bugging you, making the tea at least once a day (Ty, take note of that one) and so on. It is an opportunity to embark on the year ahead with a beaming freshness to achieve a better you, both at home and at work, so why settle for just ‘alright’, why not strive for ‘excellence’? As with everything, you have a choice and here’s one simple process to help you make your choices… answer the following question: Are you happy? If you are – keep doing what you’re doing… If you’re not – change something! A simple question that can make a big impact. Now we want to ask you another question:

Are you happy with your digital signage?
Yes! Great news, keep doing what you’re doing.
No? Maybe it’s time to change something?

There is no doubt that digital signage is an effective way to communicate, be it internally to employees about corporate messages or externally to pupils and parents at a school for example, but often individuals fail to take ownership of the day to day operation and sadly, the business digital signage falls victim to neglect. Now being a new year, you might be thinking “let’s sort out our digital signage once and for all, I want to get it working exactly how I want it” but alas, the person who originally took care of the project has left the business or now has too much on their plate to even begin looking at helping you… So what do you do? Well, as you’d expect by reading this, we can help you.

It’s true, we are an approved ONELAN reseller and advanced content design partner but we are much more than that… We don’t simply sell digital signage media players to our new and existing customers and leave them to it, we also provide a range of support including training sessions, digital signage network configuration, content creation and integration, advanced monitoring and maintenance services and much more for ONELAN digital signage systems. We’ve already helped the likes of Hounslow County Council and The Dock, Southampton Solent University transform their existing ONELAN digital signage into a fully operation solution that now exceeds their expectations, allowing them to utilise the abundance of features to communicate their messages.

Forgive us for being bold, but we believe that we can help any ONELAN digital signage user maximise their digital signage and we are inviting those people to have a completely free digital signage consultation to explore the ways that we can enable you to get exactly what you need from your digital signage.

Here’s just some of the ways in which we can help: Overview

So, what’s your answer? Are you happy with your digital signage? Is it time for a digital signage refresh? If the time is now, we encourage you to contact us to see if our expert knowledge can help you optimise your ONELAN digital signage for the years ahead.

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