Outdated or abandoned digital signage?

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If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above, look no further. We can help!

If you feel your digital signage isn’t having the impact you were hoping for or have a project in mind, we can offer you a free, no obligation, consultation or quote. Below we will go through a few reasons why you may want to consider revamping your digital signage.

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Even over the last 5 years, the way your content is managed has changed for the better. It is now so easy to update and manage, whether this be via a USB stick or the cloud, to make sure your target audience gets the relevant information at the correct time.

Cloud based software

Update and manage your content whenever, wherever using the cloud. embed signage is a cloud based software we supply which allows you to log in to your online account from any browser or smart phone to create, update and publish content to your registered devices. Advanced scheduling capabilities can also bet set up depending on time, dates, days, weather conditions, temperature, wind speed and device connectivity guaranteeing relevant content is always on display.

Sign up for a free 28 day trial of the software here.

USB stick

Manually update content by uploading image and video files to a USB stick and inserting this into your display. The files are downloaded and stored onto the displays internal memory, then once the USB has been removed, the files will be shown on a full screen loop.

Quality Content

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Your content is the driving force behind your digital signage as this is the aspect that can really grab attention and entice customers in. Engaging content with rich, vivid colours will draw audiences closer where a quality over quantity approach will make them stay.

With the help from Allen Creative, a professional design agency, we can make sure your needs are met and audiences respond!

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Bigger, smaller, brighter, thinner and lighter are just a few characteristics that have made hardware cooler (and cheaper in most cases). Most commercial grade displays now come with internal media players, eliminating the need for additional hardware and therefore no additional cost. Multi output media players also make projects cheaper by allowing you to control and show content on multiple displays from a single device.

Bezel-less canvases can be built upto any size thanks to LED panels giving your audience a near-prefect seamless experience that would be difficult to miss, whilst shelf edge and POS displays can be used in smaller areas to make sure nothing is missed.

What can be achieved?

The video below shows what can be effortlessly achieved using some of the latest hardware and embed signage. A lift/place and learn experience allows the customer to interact with the product, and by simply placing it on the shelf gain access to product information.

Wonderful Brands, on behalf of Eleven Australia, used this example to promote some of their products at Salon International held at the ExCel in London.


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