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Nutricia specialises in the delivery of advanced medical nutrition for the very young, the old and the sick. As well as being the largest specialist nutrition company in Europe, Nutricia is the market leader in the UK.


Nutricias’ objective was to transform how they conduct internal communications and deliver messaging throughout their UK headquarters. They needed a method of communication that cannot be missed or end up in a junk folder. Digital Signage by Eclipse Digital Media and embed signage was deemed the logical fit.



Eclipse Digital supplied a digital signage network consisting of twenty Samsung Smart Signage Platform displays in a variety of sizes (12 x 48″, 1 x 40″ and 7 x 32″), paired with the cloud based digital signage software embed signage for the use of internal communications.


embed signage was selected to deliver the content to the displays. Offering an easy-to-update system, internal messaging can be deployed to all displays with a few clicks.


Eclipse Digital Media provided a full service content package include design, build and setup of the Digital Signage content. Allowing for future content to be easily updated by Danone Nutricia themselves with a clean, professional and purposeful design.

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