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embed signage Digital Signage Software Annual License

£141.60 inc.Vat | £118.00 ex.VAT

embed signage is a Cloud Based Digital Signage Software that can publish to an unlimited number of registered and compatible devices. Features include:

Responsive layout design, multiple resolution and orientation support, create interactive touch layouts easily, scheduling functionality based on days, dates, times, tags and weather conditions, a selection of free widgets and plugins.


Product Description

Annual license for embed signage cloud based digital signage software. This quick to learn and powerful to use software gives users the power to publish content to an unlimited number of registered and compatible devices. The simple to use layouts allow multiple media types to play in multiple zones or on multiple pages. Its compatible with a number of different hardware options, and with it being cloud based it makes it easy and efficient to keep your content fresh and up to date.

Supported Platforms and Content

  • Android (4.2+)
  • Samsung Smart Signage Platforms (SSSP) (D, E and P-F series)
  • Windows (7+)
  • MacOS (10.7+)
  • iOS (6+)
  • ONELAN (9.3.7+)
  • Chrome OS (32+)
  • Text with custom fonts
  • Images and Videos
  • URL
  • RSS/Social News Feeds
  • IPTV, Input Source
  • Time, Date and Weather feeds

There are hundreds of uses for this digital signage software including video and LED walls, tablets, AIO commercial screens or touch displays.

Content Design

With this software the user will use the ‘simple to use’ tools to create the content they wish via layouts. Layouts are made up of pages and zones, each pages is made up of as many zones as you wish and within each zone there is media. The layout builder optimises your layouts for every resolution and orientation to ensure great quality content on any device and to streamline your digital signage process.
Eclipse Digital Media built in digital signage media player
eclipse digital media digital signage software conditional playback

Distribute Content

To distribute your content, the layouts will get pushed to the device via a channel. You can publish single or multiple layouts to a channel and then each channel to a single or multiple devices. You can ensure the correct content is showing by using scheduling, you can schedule content to play according to the date, days of the week, time or even the weather.

Try before you buy!

Paired with a compatible device, embed signage cloud based digital signage software let’s users take control of their Digital Signage content. Software features include:

  • Create powerful and engaging content via the ‘WYSIWYG‘ editor.
  • Schedule content to play at under criteria such as day, date, time, tags and weather
  • Manage devices via an easy to use online dashboard
  • Enhance content with plugins and widgets such as weather, twitter and rss feeds at no additional cost.
  • And much, much more…

Start a Free 28 day trial of embed signage here.

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