Eclipse Digital Media provide end to end digital signage solutions across multiple industries.
We are specialists in digital menu board solutions and are an official ONELAN partner. Explore our site to find out more about Eclipse Digital Media, digital signage and our digital menu board solutions.

Eclipse Digital Media Digital Signage - Welcome to embed signage digital signage software as a service

Our Cloud Digital Signage Software

Introducing embed signage – our brand new digital signage software in the cloud.

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Eclipse Digital Media Business Partnership with Institute of Hospitality Slider

Institute of Hospitality Business Partner

Assisting the hospitality, leisure and tourism (HLT) industry with their Digital Signage needs. Find out more

Eclipse Digital Media Digital Signage - All In One Digital Signage Displays - Buy Online

All-in-One Digital Signage

Buy from a range of USB updatable, plug and play, all-in-one digital signage displays

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Eclipse Digital Media Digital Signage In Healthcare

Digital Signage for Healthcare

Discover how hospitals and other healthcare facilities can use Digital Signage

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Eclipse Digital Media Digital Signage For Hospitality

Digital Signage for Hospitality

Any hospitality business can benefit from the use of digital signage

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Eclipse Digital Media Digital Signage In Corporate Businesses

Digital Signage in Corporate Business

Deliver corporate messages, live sales data, health & safety notices and more

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Eclipse Digital Media Inspiration Education Digital Signage Application

Digital Signage in Education

Digital Signage in Education is helping change the way to communicate effectively

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Eclipse Digital Media Digital Signage EMBED Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards

Save time & money by updating your menu boards with a single click!

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Eclipse Digital Media Digital Signage ONELAN Accredited Partner and Reseller

ONELAN Partner

Approved reseller and partner of Digital Signage Manufacturer; ONELAN Ltd

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Eclipse Digital Media Digital Signage Explained


Digital signage explained in a nut shell

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Eclipse Digital Media - Digital Signage Solutions - Digital Menu Boards

EMBED Digital Menu Boards

Imagine if there was a way you could save time and money on printing new menu boards when you need a change made. Even the smallest change, whether its a revised price or typo it can cause tremendous amounts of time consuming and stressful work, not to mention the cost to print.

Well, with our EMBED solutions; digital menu boards by Eclipse Digital, there’s no need for all the hassle. We offer a range of digital menu board solutions including USB updated displays, subscription based services and fully networked, enterprise solutions – even some with the ability to update via content via an Excel spreadsheet.

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All-in-One Digital Signage

Sometimes all you need is a simple digital signage solutions, that’s why we offer a range of all-in-one digital signage displays. These displays are updated using a USB memory stick and are quite literally, plug and play digital signage solutions.

We offer a range of displays from small 7″ screens up to 55″ full HD LED screens. We also offer a range of 46″ to 55″ freestanding digital advertising posters, perfect for reception areas and exhibitions – all with built in media players and scheduling functionality. View our full range and buy online.

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Eclipse Digital Media - Digital Signage Solutions - Digital Signage Content Creation

Digital Signage Content Creation

It’s a fact, content can make or break your digital signage no matter what solution you’re using. We have a dedicated in house team of digital signage content developers available to help you get the most from your digital signage solutions.

Integration with external data, performance data dashboards, using Excel to update content and designing beautiful graphics to bring layouts to life are just some of the things we do, so speak to us to see how we can help you with your digital signage content.

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