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Jasmin Vardimon Company is dedicated to the choreography of Artistic Director, Jasmin Vardimon MBE. The Israel-born UK-based choreoghaper and dancer has been a leading force in Brisih dance theatre for twenty years and in 2022 received an MBE for her services to dance.

Founded in 1998, it has rapidy rose to become a significant element within the British dance theatre scene. They tour nationally and internationally performing at high profile theatres throught the UK, across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the USA.


In Spring 2022, the company moved into its new creative home in Ashford, Kent. A culture centre dedicated to the company’s creative research and future productions. The creative home aims the growth of cultural legacy by increasing its capacity to import. and export high quality performers of a world class calibre. In late 2021, Eclipse were asked to quote for the design, bracketry and installation of an outdoor screen mounted to the side of the JVC building. Working alongside Eco Electrical, a 2x4m LED screen was finalised in time for the grand opening.

“The digital sign truly brings our establishment to life during performances.

It is a delightful way to showcase our work and it adds an enchanting touch. tothe building.”

Amy Bevan, Administrator, Jasmin Vardimon Company.


The installation process took only a matter of days, however these had to be staggered to work alongside multiple contractors from groundworkers to electricians. We worked alongside Carm Precision, to design, manufacture and install bespoke fixings and bracketry. The first step was to fix around the steel box section of the building, meaning this had to be done prior to the cladding. Once this step was completed we had to wait for the panelling to be finished and then we could continue. Next was the framework, which again was designed and manufactured by Carm Precision. It then took three engineers two days to complete the installation of the brackets, panels and modules. The power was passed through the building and into a comms cabinet located inside. The cabinet holds an LED controller, media player and multi function box. The multi function box is connected to a light sensor, located on the side of the screen, to adjust the brightness depending on the ambient lighting.


A combination of four engineers carried out the entire project, from the initial site visit and structural conversations to the on-site installation and screen configuration. All of our engineers are IPAF certified, permitting them to control the powered access equipment, such as scissor lifts and cherry pickers, required for the installation. Due to this being a building site for the majority of our tenure, our CSCS certifications were also requested.


embed signage was selected to deliver the content to the LED display. Running on a Windows media player, the custom resolution of the LED display can be set optimising the content. Using the WYSIWYG layout builder, multi-zoned, multi-media layouts can be designed easily. Advanced scheduling capabilities allow rules to be set, allowing different content to be shown depending on conditions such as date, time, weather conditions and temperature, amongst others.
Eclipse Digital Media - Digital Signage, AV and LED - Jasmin Vardimon Company - outdoor LED installation
Eclipse Digital Media - Digital Signage, AV and LED - Jasmin Vardimon Company - outdoor LED installation
Eclipse Digital Media - Digital Signage, AV and LED - Jasmin Vardimon Company - outdoor LED installation

“The digital sign serves to display Jasmins’ work, as well as any upcoming performances or events. It ultimately showcases dance trailers, posters and the company logo, making the building easily recognisable for people to locate us.

The content is uploaded upon the request of Jasmin or member of the production team and after a few trials & errors, we have found the system quite easy and clear.

Eclipse have been exceptionally responsive whenever we have encounted issues or uncertainty. They promptly assist us and have been instrumental is helping us address any needs that occur.”


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