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Dr Juice is a local brand, situated in Malta, inspired by healthy living and is now one of Malta’s most loved brands. Famous for their nutritious, fresh-fruit smoothies and balanced meals, made from well-sourced, fresh ingredients.

Founded in 2004 by John Winfield after he arrived on the island and was quick to discover a lack of accessible healthy products for people on the go. John travelled the world to become a master in juicing and healthy food and returned after discovering the finest flavours, fruits and vegetables.


Located on a small island, Dr Juice were unable to find a suitable digital signage supplier. They turned to the world renowned search engine and came across Eclipse.

After initial discussions and consultations, an on site visit was required. Eclipse were happy to visit the small island, just south of Italy, to meet the Dr Juice team face to face. Assistance with installing and setting up of their digital menus was carried out, as well as training to use the embed software.

A journey across the Mediterranean was more than worth it.

“We are planning on introducing digital menu boards into all of our outlets, and with the help of Eclipse, we found it very straightforward.” Olivia Sike, Brand & Marketing Manager, Dr Juice



With new sites being constructed, Dr Juice were looking to upgrade and move away from their static paper menus. The new sites were a great opportunity to start fresh and install digital menu boards.


A digital menu board solution was offered using 5 x 43″ Samsung SSP displays. The all-in-one displays run the embed software using the internal media player, meaning no other hardware was required. They also offer a brighter panel and constant 24/7 use, enticing customers in for a closer look.


To guarantee an easy, and level installation, we recommended a ceiling hung, single rail solution. The total width of the digital menu board is roughly 4.5m, so getting the screens level with each other is essential to the overall viewing experience. Two lightweight aluminium rails are joined together and hung from the ceiling, where the screens are mounted using brackets that sit into the groove of the rail.


With multiple stores, updating content is now easy and instaneous from a single place, thanks to embed software. embed allows any user to create, manage and update content remotely from any web browser and publish to the different sites. Scheduling content was also key, with Dr Juice having separate menus for different times of the day, which is done by adding conditional play rules to their content.
“Using the digital menus, we can now showcase a wider variety of our products and show additional offers, which promotes sales.” Olivia Sike, Brand & Marketing Manager, Dr Juice

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