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You would be forgiven for thinking you have stepped into a luxury, 5 star hotel when you arrive on the first floor of Ealing Cross to the Clarendon Business Centres. The business hub comprises of more than 47 separate furnished office spaces, 3 meeting rooms and a dedicated member’s business lounge, known as The Dock Club.

The Dock Club has plenty of luxurious seating, private meeting pods, complimentary newspapers, daily breakfasts and an open bar every Thursday and Friday from 3.30pm. It’s a fantastic space to do business from.


Keeley Fox Interior Design was approached by Clarendon Business Centres to turn a standard looking office space in to an thriving environment that would capture the imagination of both visitors and clients alike.

As part of this conceptual space, Keeley Fox and Clarendon Business Centre’s were seeking a digital solution for a meditation space that would allow people to take time to focus on and improve their mental health and wellbeing. This is when they approached Eclipse Digital Media to assist in delivering the solution for a ‘Zen Room’.



Eclipse Digital Media were delighted to be involved in such a purposeful project, with many of our staff understanding the importance and benefits of meditation and some who practice regularly. The Zen Room solution included three elements. 1) A non-interactive 10″ POE Samsung Smart Signage Display mounted in a custom enclosure outside the Zen Room. 2) A touch interactive, commercial grade, AOPEN 10″ Chromebase Mini mounted inside the Zen Room for users to configure their sessions. 3) embed signage – the cloud based digital signage software to deliver the content.

Both hardware products provide 24/7 commercial grade quality. The 10″ touch tablet runs ChromeOS and delivers an exceptional smooth experience for the user.


Keeley Fox had provided a brief of the concept and tasked Eclipse Digital with the design. First Eclipse Digital took care of wireframing the touch solution (UI), ensuring all functionality met the client’s need.

Once signed off, Eclipse Digital progressed to the Design phase. Taking inspiration from colour and image psychology studies, the design highlighted the key user interactions while maintaining an overall impact of calm and relaxation.

Finally, with the design and functionality signed off, Eclipse Digital progressed to developing the solution and testing before deployment.

The functionality of the solution includes a touch interface inside the Zen Room where a user can set a timer for their session. Once the session begins, the timer begins counting down with audio cues to announce the time remaining at set intervals. Finally once the session is complete, a chime is sounded and the device returns to an available state to start a new session. When the room is available, the outside screen will display a welcome message to show it’s available. When a session is underway, the touch UI triggers a timer and the ‘booked’ status on a device outside of the room.


Eclipse Digital installed the solution on site including the design and development of the 10″ outside screen enclosure to keep in line with the high level interior design of The Dock Club.

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Eclipse Digital Media - Digital Signage & AV - Keeley Fox Clarendon Business Centres The Dock Club - Zen Room Content

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