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A video wall is a group of digital screens tiled together to create one single, large display surface, used for control rooms, information displays or digital signage and advertising.

Video wall displays have a built in configuration setting, giving each screen an individual ID and a position within the wall, so they receive and show the correct part of the content. The content is usually taken from a media player or PC and sent to the first screen via a HDMI cable. The screens are then linked or ‘daisy chained’ together using either the HDMI or VGA inputs, which then receive the relevant part of the content.


embed is a cloud based digital signage signage software, that offers a free room booking plugin, as standard.

The plugin provides users with a standalone set of features, allowing remote management of meeting room displays with full control over the screen design.

Multiple room booking systems can be created for different locations. Rooms are added and have the screens associated to them.


The most common video wall installation would be wall mounted wall consisting of 9 screens in a 3×3 landscape orientation. However, using the tiling feature on the video wall displays, you are able to get creative when installing for a more engaging display.

Not only can they be mounted in either orientation, but both orientations can be used within the same configuration, to achieve something like the example image.


The embed room booking plugin offers a built in calendar but can also integrate a Microsoft Office 365 account.

The built in calendar allows events to be added, edited and removed. Book a room by simply entering the desired date and time, and then selecting the room. Optional features allow the design. to be personal to the meeting, with logos and messages.

Integrate a Microsoft Office 365 business account to automatically update the screens directly from the users’ outlook calendar. The two way integration means updates to either the outlook calendar or using the built in embed calendar will update each other as well as the room booking screens.


We always want to be transparent and truthful when recommending solutions and products, therefore we would like to say that recently video wall solutions have been replaced with LED walls.

Video walls are fast becoming an out-of-date option for larger displays, with LED taking over. The main reason for this is the price of LED has fallen dramatically and in some cases now actually cheaper than using video wall displays

An LED wall is built up of bezeless modules that combine to offer a seamless canvas for an overall greater viewing experience. Greater image quality, colour reproduction and minimal disruption are other factors as to why LED is now the better option. When a video wall screen goes faulty, it usually has a catastrophic effect whereas an LED pixel may fail but will often go unnoticed by the untrained eye.


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