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Chrome Device Management Licenses

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Manage all of your Chrome devices from one single place with the Chrome Device Management license. The license can be purchased annually or as a perpetual license, that will last the lifetime of the device.

Administrators can manage and configure more than 200 features and policies for Chrome Devices, giving organisations full device control from a central place.

G suite account required – Please specify G Suite Domain in the Notes section on checkout. License processing takes 48-72 hours. If your are ordering annual licenses and are increasing your license tally, please also specify your Support End Date (SED) on checkout.

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Product Description

A Chrome device management license allows an administrator the ability to manage all of their organisations chrome devices from a single place. They will be able to either pre-configure a device before it is deployed switch it on or it can be configured remotely from the Google apps control panel.

Take a look at the dedicated Chrome Device Management website for full details.

Chrome Device Management Features:

User Settings

As a Chrome administrator you will be able to set policies for how people use their Google account, whether that be on a chrome device, android device or the chrome browser. These policies are cloud managed so they are applied when the user signs in from either a personal or public device. These policies don’t apply to users signed in as guests or with a google account outside of your organisation.

See the full list of configurable user policies here.

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Device Settings

Eclipse Digital Media - Digital Signage Shop - Chrome Device Management License - Device Settings
Configure certain Chrome device settings either remotely or pre-configured before sending out on site. Settings such as restricting URLs the user can access, which applications they can use and how their home page is laid out can be controlled via the google apps control panel.

Check out the full list of configurable device settings here.

View Device Information

Find details about Chrome devices in your domain. View this information from the admin console and you’ll see data such as the online status of the device, user details, serial number, enrolment date and location.

You can find out the other information you will be able to view here.

Eclipse Digital Media - Digital Signage Shop - Chrome Device Management License - Device Information

Network Settings

Eclipse Digital Media - Digital Signage Shop - Chrome Device Management License - Network Settings
In the admin console, you can configure WiFi, ethernet and Virtual Private Network (VPN) access. When adding a network configuration you can enforce the same settings for an entire organisation, enforce specific network settings to certain users or specific devices.

See how to set up and manage network settings here.

License Types

  • Full – Annual

    The annual license is purchased per annual term and can be renewed when that term ends. If additional licenses are purchased mid-term, the cost is prorated and the license expires at the same time as the original. If there is a hardware failure during the term the license can be transferred to any other model of device within the same domain.

  • Full – Perpetual

    A perpetual license covers the life of the device its enrolled to. If you encounter any hardware issues and need to replace a device, you can transfer the license to another device of the same model and can not transfer the license to another model or another device in a different domain.

Using embed signage with Chrome?

If you are using embed signage, cloud based digital signage software, with a Chrome Device then check out this video. It shows how quickly you can set up a Chrome device for Digital Signage in single app kiosk mode, using Chrome Device Management:

Additional Information

License Features
Chrome Device Management

User Policies, Device Policies, Public Sessions, Network Configurations, Push Apps & Extensions, PC Workstation

Single App Kiosk Management

Device Policies, Network Configurations, Push Apps & Extensions


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